October 31, 2012

Usain B. = boss

I know where I would go if in London

Madness last Saturday in Amsterdam

Goosebump galore when they did my favorite "my girl". 
Yes, I still remember although everything that followed is somewhat blurry. 

Oh Rehen.

Waiting for Laura


Underwater dog

Underwater dog, the book published on October 25 containing 80 amazing pictures made by Seth Casteel.
Get the book here!

NEW SONG: Ben Howard

October 30, 2012




Jean Harlow is a hussy

That was fun last Saturday

Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god. YES. Doable. YES

Bunny Yeager

For my hubby

The assistant will help you.

Happy bday Fonz


Must listen.

Bette Davis

Find comfort in beauty

Find comfort in music

Water taxi

Looking for words of comfort.

But I can't simply find any. 

Bouncing cats

Funny stuff about nothing.


Cat Bounce!
(via i want to punch you. / cat bounce)

A bridge as night and day

New York Williamsburg Bridge during Hurricane Sandy October 29, 2012



Sometimes it is better to brake your feelings in order to enable you to cast them away, so you will be open for new and better ones.

October 29, 2012

October 27, 2012

Guess where I'm going tonight in Amsterdam

: D 

I'm SO looking forward, the support is good and there's an after show with Rude Rich and the Highnotes (BEST Dutch ska band). A lot of friends are going so I will run into people I haven't seen in ages. To top it all off and my hubby doesn't drink anymore which mean that I can and I don't have to drive. 

October 26, 2012

I can't think of a more appropriate song

Hold up
Hold on
Don't be scared
You'll never change what's been and gone

May your smile (may your smile)
Shine on (shine on)
Don't be scared (don't be scared)
Your destiny may keep you warm

'cause all of the stars
Are fading away
Just try not to worry
You'll see them some day
Take what you need
And be on your way
And stop crying your heart out

October 24, 2012

Worked this morning and went to see my sis in Zutphen this afternoon.
Am completely empty now.
Good thing Reverberation Radio posted a new playlist with relaxed fine music.

October 22, 2012



I want this in my bedroom so I can imagine sleeping under the stars and make my tiny (2 x 2,30 meters so yeah, that's frigging tiny) bedroom into a safe haven where only nice things happen.

I feel like a hanging monkey

But really

This week

Another busy week ahead of me, I'll be doing fun stuff like getting tattooed again but also heavy stuff like visiting my sister at the hospice.

It's going to be a painful week physically and mentally.

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