June 21, 2013

I like making people smile.

From: Agent's assistent
Sent: Thursday, June 20, 2013 08:22 AM Pacific Standard Time
To: Kitty
Subject: Big Festival

Can you please send me the following so i can issue band contract?

Contracting party 
Stage time
Set length
Merch rate
Line up

 From: Kitty
Sent: 21 June 2013 11:41
To: Agent's assistant
Subject: RE: Big Festival

It’s dorky Friday, I know this text is underlined but I actually have to call the international helpdesk to ask them how to turn this off.
Contract to: boss @ company (send to me)
Line up Friday (cap. 3400)
band (tbc)
band (conf)
YOUR BAND - showtime approx. 18.15-19.15
band (conf)
band (conf)
band (conf)
Happy weekend !


Van: Angent's assistant
Verzonden: vrijdag 21 juni 2013 12:46
Aan: Kitty
Onderwerp: RE:Big Festival

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is brilliant! Hahahaha.
Best email of the day ;-)

Have a great one, hope you get to chill a little.

Thank you sweety! 

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